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ECO is more than just a resource hub—it's your fast-track towards a sustainable and profitable cannabis venture, comprehensive industry insights and entrepreneurial strategies.

But the real value? It's the vibrant community of like-minded operators in your area, ready to collaborate, share knowledge, and fuel mutual success.

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In the ECO Mastermind, you will learn how to navigate your business towards unmatched success and profitability, whether you're just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or are already established.

Our program is a networking powerhouse, bridging the gap between cannabis operators and non-operators. By fostering a vibrant community of forward-thinkers, we offer the platform for you to connect, collaborate and discover synergies that could revolutionize your business strategy.

You'll master the art of generating exceptional revenue and learn how to strategically reinvest them, building real, enduring wealth. We'll aid you in scaling your business through innovative marketing approaches, automated systems, and proven strategies tailored specifically to the cannabis industry, all while providing a foolproof business blueprint.

If you're ambitious, hungry for more, and ready to redefine the future of the cannabis industry, we're excited to have you on board and explore how we can accelerate your growth.

Here’s who we specialize working with:

YOU MUST be ready for change.

YOU MUST be ambitious.

YOU MUST be looking to grow dynamically.

YOU MUST be ready to take massive action.

YOU MUST be prepared to make bold, decisive moves.

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Navigating Cannabis Chaos:

Skyrocket Your Business Success with ECO Mastermind

Inside our ECO Mastermind, you'll learn how to steer your business towards unparalleled success and profitability, regardless of what new regulation comes out in our crazy volatile industry.

Our program is a networking powerhouse, creating connections with those who are cannabis operators. By nurturing a lively community of progressive thinkers, we provide a platform for you to connect, work together, and uncover synergies that could transform your business approach.

No more working in the shadows!

You'll become proficient in generating impressive revenue and learn how to strategically reinvest it, building substantial, long-lasting wealth. We'll assist you in expanding your business through creative marketing techniques, automated systems, and tried-and-true strategies designed specifically for the cannabis industry, all while providing a fail-safe business plan.

If you're driven, eager for more, and ready to reshape the future of the cannabis industry, we're thrilled to welcome you and explore how we can speed up your growth.

Here's who we work with:

YOU MUST be ready for collaboration, not competition.

YOU MUST be ambitious and positive.

YOU MUST be looking to constantly grow.

YOU MUST be ready to take massive action daily.

YOU MUST be prepared to make bold, decisive moves.

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Brady Madden

Marianna Cursetjee

Meet William Mckenzie

founder of eco Mastermind

Emerging from the Californian underground cannabis scene, William has propelled himself to an unparalleled status as a cannabis industry titan.

His audacious journey led him from clandestine cultivation to skyrocketing his business from nothing to a staggering $18.5 million valuation in a record-breaking two years. His sharp foresight seized a golden opportunity, acquiring a much sought-after cannabis license in Michigan, leading his venture into the prosperous, uncharted territories of the legalized market.

When COVID-19 threatened to topple industries worldwide, he held his course, navigating his enterprise towards unrelenting growth.

Now, with his eyes set on the horizon, he's trailblazing through mergers, acquisitions, and real estate investments in the cannabis space. Fueled by his knack for leadership, nurturing strong team culture, and deep sales and scaling acumen, he's risen to the pinnacle of success.

As a vanguard of the cannabis industry, William’s rich experiences offer an unparalleled learning opportunity for all ECO Mastermind participants. His story is proof that when it comes to the cannabis industry, the sky truly is the limit.

In the ECO Mastermind community, you’ll directly benefit from his knowledge and experience. You’ll be able to explore the many facets of the cannabis industry and create a network of like-minded professionals who can share resources and support one another.

Meet William Mckenzie:

founder of eco Mastermind

From the hidden corners of California's cannabis scene, William has risen to become a top leader in the industry. His journey is not just a story of success, but a roadmap for others to follow.

His bold shift from secret cultivation to the building of an impressively successful business within just two years is a testament to what's possible.

By securing a cannabis license in Michigan, he opened doors to the profitable, untapped areas of the legal market - doors that you too could learn to unlock.

When massive price compression hit and companies were failing left and right, William's business not only survived - but thrived. His resilience is a lesson in navigating challenges, a skill you can acquire to ensure your own business's growth.

Now, as he leads the way in mergers, acquisitions, and real estate investments in the cannabis industry, you can learn from his strategies to reach the pinnacle of success.

As a member of the ECO Mastermind group, you won't just hear about William's experiences - you'll learn how to apply his strategies to your own journey.

His story shows that in the cannabis industry, there's no limit to what you can achieve. With William's guidance, you'll gain the knowledge and network to reach your own business goals. Learn from the best, and become the best.



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